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How do I make an appointment?

​     I handle all appointment calls personally.  Please call me at 404-680-1291 for any appointment needs or inquiries.  If I am unavailable at the time of your call, please leave a message with your best contact information and the best time to reach you.

What should I expect during the first session?

     For therapy, the initial session typically lasts from 60-90 minutes.  During this time, I will gather information regarding what brought you or your child in for therapy as well as review relevant background information and questionnaires. Reviewing this information will allow me to gain a better understanding of your needs in order to begin developing the most appropriate treatment plan.  This initial appointment will also allow you to determine if I am the best person to address your needs.  My approach to therapy is highly collaborative, and as such, it is important for you to feel confident in comfortable in our therapeutic relationship.

How long do therapy appointments last?

     Therapy sessions typically last 45-50 minutes and occur one time per week.  Of course, this typical schedule can be amended to include more frequent sessions or longer appointments.  We can discuss the most appropriate therapy schedule at the onset of our work together.

What kind of psychotherapy do you provide?

     When working with children, adolescents, and families my typical approach to therapy is cognitive-behavioral.  However, I believe that therapy should be a collaborative, inclusive process so I am also likely to draw on family systems and interpersonal approaches.  I feel that is important to use the most effective methods and, whenever possible, to ensure that my therapeutic approach is a good fit with my clients personality and preferences.

What is involved in psychoeducational assessment?

     Typically, comprehensive assessment involves meeting for an initial intake appointment to determine what concerns are present and to allow me to develop an appropriate assessment battery.  Following this intake, we will schedule time to conduct the actual assessment.  During this process I use a variety of instruments to assess various domains of functioning (e.g., intellectual, academic, attention, memory, language, etc.) based on the presenting concerns.  Following completion of testing, I will complete a comprehensive report that will detail all of the assessment results and include specific, individualized recommendations.  We will then meet again for a feedback session to discuss these results and to review any questions or concerns. 

Do you accept insurance?

     I do not currently accept insurance, though most companies provide “out-of-network” benefits for non-participating providers.  This means you will pay the agreed upon fee at the time of service and I will provide you with the documentation required by most insurance companies for reimbursement.  Insurance benefits vary greatly and it would likely be helpful for you to contact your insurance provider to find out how much, if any, they will reimburse for out-of-network mental health providers.